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A must-have in the kitchen, this revolutionary baking sheet works wonders paired with our entire collection of flexible bakeware. Use it as a foundation layer to cook and bake to perfection as perforated holes distribute heat evenly for optimum results. M



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Gloria Michelle LeonardLafayette, IN - 5 Stars
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What kind of tray do you use to bake on Sundays?

January 8,2020
The "holey" kind. Except you should be using it every day of the week, as it is a must-have in your kitchen. In B.bC. (before bon COOK), I had always wondered why some cookies where overdone while others looked like they could still use a bit of baking time. Now, in A.bC., I understand. Using a standard metal tray didn't allow heat to evenly bake, forcing the baking to occur around and over the tray. Heat goes through the perforated tray, allowing for even baking throughout. It truly is the foundation of each line of products.
Ronda KillPORTLAND, OR - 5 Stars
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These are GREAT, will never go back!

May 9,2019
I have never used perforated baking sheets before these and can't get over how much more even my bakes are. I roast veggie all the time and they are so much better too! THANK YOU!!
Leslie BurnettPORT ORCHARD, WA - 5 Stars
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Must have!

September 29,2018
The perforated baking sheets provide great support for all the molds, trays, bonMATS. They help with even cooking, baking and freezing.
Teresa FewelCAMAS, WA - 5 Stars
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LOVE this product!!!

September 28,2017
LOVE this product!!!

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